Wednesday, September 12, 2007

The tale of the foot-licking mugger

First off, to get a sense of this guy, check out his mug shot.

Got that out of your head? Good. Leave it there for a minute.

Thye real meat of the story is that he took the keys and cell phone of a woman leaving work early on Saturday morning in St. Paul and, to add insult to injury, then demanded that she remove her shoes because "I'm gonna suck your feet".

Obviously, Captain Crazy Eyes has some problems. The least of which is his penchant for robbing innocent women. There are probably far more petty robbers roaming our streets at 1 AM on a Saturday than you care to imagine. But the real issue here is the foot sucking. Who, regardless of how deranged, demands to suck a random woman's feet?

I can almost imagine him muttering, in almost incoherent English with toes stuffed in his greasy, slimy mouth "This wittle piggy went to, mmmm, this little piggy went, ughh, umm, ahhh, mmmm, yethhhh."

Remember that face. How could you forget it? And keep your eyes peeled as people like this are usually out roaming the streets again long before they ought to be.


justacoolcat said...

Is he cross eyed or just trying to see all of his hair at once?

justacoolcat said...

BTW - You can vote for him as Freak of the Week

pinknest said...

ew! how vile.

Jules said...

At least he does it in the morning before the feet are rank and sweaty. Not that I condone the behaviors!!