Tuesday, September 04, 2007

Pearls on a pig or just dressing up

The most depressing fact about growing up and nearing that magical age of 30 is that the clothes suck. I mean that they truly suck.

I made a promise to myself many years ago that I would never work in a job which requires a tie. Out of curiosity, though, this weekend as the missus browsed for sandals at the beginning of September, I perused the "men's" clothing section at an area retailer which ocassionally features its mannequins in wheelchairs.

The clothes depressed me. Everything looked the same. Some of the shirts, though, had some possibilities but I live by the mantra that everything can look great with some classy denim. And by classy, I don't mean stonewashed Wranglers. All of the men's dress pants are essentially the same. It made me sad to even be wandering through this area of the store.

The "younger" area featured the style of clothes which say "I haven't yet sold my sould but I can still dress nicely". That area was calling my name. It always does. I don't usually buy much in the way of clothes at this particular store but others like it are just the same. Stodgy and stale men's clothing that screams sheeple and a younger men's section full of clothes that say "I don't have to be stale to look good". I am simply repulsed by the fact that "affordable" men's dress clothes resemble those sported by a circa 1994 used car salesman. Is it so bad to want something better? And if the clothes do truly make the man, then that totally negates the "pearls on a pig" analogy I am rather familiar with

Am I alone in noticing this? Do men's dress clothes always come off as stale? Does growing up mean throwing away your individuality?


Hammer said...

Dockers and a nice button down shirt is about as far as I go.

Some of the crap they sell looks like circus wear.

Jules said...

oh sweetie - just stick to shopping from the more trendy section and you'll be okay. Just because you're "older" doesn't mean you have to don those pants that come up to your nipples and a plaid button down shirt.

Jules said...

having said that, however, when you are 80, you shouldn't be wearing sexy jeans and a ribbed shirt that shows off your pecks either... I guess we have to be happy with finding middle ground.

Sornie said...

Hell jules, I don't show off my pecs right now and there's a reason for it. Because I am not ripped like a body builder but I do have a killer tan.