Thursday, September 20, 2007

I can smell a fake from a mile away

I sat down last night after the missus reminded me that the trainwreck called 'Kid Nation' was airing its first episode. I am vehemently opposed to the bile billed as 'reality' television but this show had some some promise. It promised to suck... hard!

Lucky for me, it didn't disappoint. While it showed on film the lesson that even kids thrown together in a faux western town can cooperate and work together seemingly for nothing at all (at first) it fell just short of scripted. Obviously there are camera crews and producers crawling about the soundstage billed as 'Bonanza City' who aren't going as far as writing lines for the kids but are blatantly coaching the kids on what to say and what to do. The buildings of the fake Bonanza City are quite obviously a set and, this one is the deal breaker for me, those little kids have electricity and probably showers as well because they didn't have scraggly, oily, matted down hair by day four.

I just wish that the millions who were sucked in to this bullshit would wise the hell up and realize that so-called reality shows are anything but real. While the show did have a couple standouts, one that stuck in my mind was the 14 year-old Sophia who was the winner of $20,000 last night, it has little in redeeming value. What really smelled fishy, though, was the moment when Sophia called her mom to share her "surprise" win... there was conveniently enough a camera crew in mom's house when the phone rang. Sure, it may have been a re-enactment but as my wife said, she's calling shenanignas on the whole damn thing. I, though, am not as nice and prefer to pull the bullshit flag on this sorry excuse for programming.

America, enjoy your slow descent to hell.


pinknest said...

oh goodness i was intrigued and watched this show too. i highly enjoyed the "bonanza" set. it's all so ridiculous! they're like child actors.

justacoolcat said...

I heard the show almost didn't air because some child labor law stink.

Too bad they overcame that hurdle.

Hammer said...

Those reality shows are all lame, it sounds like the kid one just hit a new low.

Brendan said...

Well, Sornie, you watched it, and then you talked about it. If you're against this sort of thing, do you think your actions helped? I don't. I think you contributed to the so-called "buzz."

Just don't watch "reality" TV. It's the only sane response, and it's the only message the suits will ever hear.