Thursday, August 23, 2007

My likes and dislikes

People always walk up to me and ask, out of the blue, what are some of your likes and dislikes.

Well, in my never-ending effort of being a kinder and more open person, I will go ahead and clue y'all in on some of those very items.

First, the likes...
Tapioca pudding
cheap shoes sans puffy tongues
a mid-week day off
perfectly salted warm yellow corn tortilla chips
Mary Lucia
post-it notes

Now, the dislikes
'reality' shows
24-hour cable news channels
cold water found in dirty pans
Sean Hannity
golf on TV
tennis on TV
asshole teenagers

What are some of your likes or dislikes? Do tell, this curious guy wants to know and so does the rest of the modern world.


Beth said...

Not so sure the rest of the modern world wants to know but here are a few of mine:
Dislikes - Drivers who have to be "first out of the gate" at a 4 way stop when it's not their turn to go.
Likes - Popcorn and chocolate (two very important food groups).

Hammer said...

Since mathew johnson puked 7 gallons of tapioka on the floor in our 4th grade class I've never been able to look at the stuff :)

H said...

I like:
Peanut butter
Blowing bubbles
Writing with very sharp pencils
Rage Against the Machine

I dislike:
Hall and Oates
Fish, meatloaf, watermelon, and EGGS
Customer service people who are bitchy

Sornie said...

I am fairly sure that nobody will openly admit to liking Hall and Oates. Good call on Rage though.

indiephotogirl said...

This reminds me of the opening sequence in Amelie. Or whenever they introduce a new character, and their likes and dislikes are shown.

betmo said...

ooh- likes... chocolate ice cream. yep. crisp fall days when the leaves have started turning. aah. snuggling in the blanket with a good book and the two fat cats.

dislikes- i could go on forever. right wing pundits and left wing imitators of right wing pundits (aka regressive thinkers), summer and humidity, people in general because in public they tend to behave self centeredly and rude.