Monday, August 13, 2007

Gotcha, sucka

So, the spirit of self-betterment, I will participate in this meme that Blondie tagged me with.

*Players start with eight random facts/habits about themselves. *People who are tagged write their own blog post about their eight things and include these rules. *At the end of your blog, you need to choose eight people to be tagged and list their names. Don’t forget to leave them a comment telling them they’re tagged and they should read your blog.

One, Uno, 1, Un
I am going on three years with the same bottle of shampoo. Yes, I wash my hair daily but I keep it somewhat short and the bottle is huge, I say that it's five gallons but others would call my bluff.

Two, Dos, 2, Deux
Despite what often is viewed as pessimism and an all-around gloomy attitude, I am acturally quite laid back.

Three, Tres, 3, Trois
Chaos is my friend. My desk at work rarely gets organized but I am always on top of every single project I am working on. My situation at home is no different and my wife reminds me of it... frequently. I am sure it bothers her more than she lets on but I work well like that.

Four, Cuatro, 4, Quatre
McDonald's is on my list. It's a long list of places I have personal grievances with that I have been lax in posting because it is ever-evolving. It doesn't mean I won't go there but I will only eat their #4 breakfast and, if it's a last resort (such as the last food for 200 miles and I haven't eaten in a couple days) I'll eat the chicken strips but not the McNuggets.

Five, Cinco, 5, Cing
I've never partaken in a beer bong. Sure, I sat on the living room floor and assembled a matched set with funnels that held a 12 pack from fittings and hose I put together in dry-fit mode on the floor of a hardware store the day before but I've never "hit" one.

Six, Seis, 6, Six
I just don't fit in. Maybe it's because I am an only child. Sure, I have friends, I get along with my co-workers but I do everything my own way. I am not afraid to tell people exactly what's on my mind. In short, I am brutally honest because people need to know the truth and I demand the exact same from people.

Seven, Siete, 7, Sept
I've never been east of LaSalle, Illinois in a car, or west of Denver for that matter. Sure, I've flown through a handful of cities beyond those but traveling by car lets you see the endless stretches of freeway flanked by the same big-box stores and oceans of strip malls -- that's America.

Eight, Ocho, 8, Huit
I am passionate about music. I obsess about it. I have written about it every Friday (for the most part) all year long. I'll get back to that with the all-new fall season in mid- to late-September (just like TV) What, you didn't think I'd go without some self-promotion, did ya'?

Behold, the list of eight capable bloggers I tagged.

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No said...

First, I'm on the cool blog list (after incessant begging), and now I'm a tagee...I can't take much more...

Anonymous said...

I share your ability in #6, although it sometimes gets me into trouble. Some people simply cannot handle the truth about themselves and go off the deep end as a result.


Hammer said...

I do the same with toothpase as you do with shampoo. I only use a tiny dab otherwise I end up dribbling it all over my shirt.

I like Mcdonalds breakfast it seems to be the only thing they are competent at.

Thanks for tagging me, I've got my 8 posted.

Slick said...

Aaaahh, you got me!

I'll have to get to it.

By the way, I've never participated in a beer bong either!

Beth said...

ok, so what's your problem with Mickey Dees? Their McChicken rocks!!! Love me some McChicken.

oh the I have to think of 8 random things...that I haven't said before!

Mary said...

YOu did get me....

I have never participated in a beer bong either. I have never been in the room with one.

sAssY brOwn said...

About the shampoo thing, i am the total opposite! I usually have about 4 bottles of shampoo & conditioner open at any one time as I'm always on the search for the perfect one. Ok, that sounds reallly sad doesn't it?

Blondie said...

Yay, you played!

I'm sure shampoo has an expiration date on it somewhere...
5 gallons?
Show us.
Pictures, please.