Monday, August 27, 2007

Fried food isn't all there is at the Minnesota State Fair

I had a three day weekend, how's about you?

No, I am not bragging. I am just saying that in an effort of full disclosure.

Today (Monday) was day three of my three day weekend and we spent it at the Minnesota State Fair. Even though it was cloudy and did sprinkle for a few minutes, it was a decent day. No encounters with traffic snarls or parking hassles.

Our fair experience could have been better planned. Such as having a camera. I had planned on borrowing a small pocket-size point and shoot digital camera rather than lug around my larger "work" model which I actually use for, well, work. It didn't dawn on me to unload the camera from my incredibly heavy camera bag and pack it in my backpack. That little revelation came after I saw a few people who had transported their good in just that manner.

I also decided to leave the house wearing sandals. I also talked the wife into sporting sandals. After nine hours spent, for the most part, walking it dawned on us, as our feet felt certain to explode into blister-covered appendages at any moment, that shoes with actual arch support and more padding than something akin to a meat tampon would have been a good idea.

We spent about 40 minutes eating and relaxing as we watched Dan Cole of KFAN fame do his daily schtick on a stick which was the day's only run in with rain showers. The drops were rather large but spotty. I also skipped over buying anything in the way of merchandise outside of food.

Early in the day, the fine arts building (which convinced me that I need to enter some of my photography next year) and the Eco Experience were great spots to spend time as we digested our late breakfast from a place which I can only describe as having the slowest girl ever running the grill. Scrambling eggs is anything but rocket science.

This year's fair also brought my, wait for it, first purchase of fried foods on a stick. The 'Candy bar on a Stick' booth caught our attention and we bit. The battered and fried Snickers wasn't terrible but wasn't impressive. I guess I prefer my void of nutrition snacks in their solid state and, as you can imagine, when you fry an Snickers (even with it encased in batter) it becomes less solid.

From there, we wandered towards the WCCO TV area (no Jason DeRusha sightings) and caught a portion of a Q & A on wind power. I think that the audience had some excellent questions and that the two gentlemen from RES had some great answers that weren't so much about promoting their employer as they were about informing the public.

Towards the end of the day we ventured into the pits of merchandise hell as we explored the cavernous exhibition areas beneathe the seats of the grandstand. That is here were nearly spent $250 on a pot (no, go back a re-read it, I said on A pot).

I am sure that we probably missed stuff too but what? What should we have seen, what are some great attractions at other state and county fairs where you live?


Dorky Dad said...

You ate the deep fried Snickers? I had one and I hated it. Not only did it nearly kill me, I thought it was awful. Ick.

Glad you had a good time at the fair ...

Beth said...

Sounds like a typical day at the fair - sore feet, bad food and too much money spent.
But glad you enjoyed it!

No said...

I'm really missing those cheese curds...I don't think they have them anywhere but the Minnesota State Fair....the county fair here doesn't cut it, so I'm not mentioning it...but I do have a new name for my blog, so testing won't work anymore, so hopefully, I'll make the cool blog list:

and today is my birthday....

Diesel said...

I'm trying to scrub the phrase "meat tampon" from my brain.

Sornie said...

That "meat tampon" phrase is a catchy one. Hopefully it will catch on. I've been using it in my daily conversations already.