Thursday, July 05, 2007

Where are they now?

It's time for another edition of "Where In The Hell Are They Now?"

Often time with musicians, they suffer from a condition known as "One-Hit Wonder". It isn't exactly a rare condition for musicians. Whether they are cursed with poor timing, a lackluster sound, an outdated sound, poor management, little or no radio play or the dreaded "change in sound/style", it can effect even the most talented groups.

Today's band is "The Cardigans". Without any research whatsoever into where these foreigners are now, I can only assume that the demure lead singer of the Swedish late-90s poppish band whose big hit was "Lovefool" went off and got pregnant. I will assume that being she is extremely easy on the eyes that she (I believe her name is Nina Pearsson) has three rugrats but still is involved in music. I will assume being she is so softspoken that she performs folkish tunes.

As for the rest of the band, who knows. The guitarist is probably working in a paper mill. The band's former bassist actually landed in another short-lived and far less successful Swedish band and is now a motorcycle racer. The drummer, though, suffered a far worse fate. He ended up as a celebrity guest in the God-awful reality show "Big Brother" which, coincidentally, premiered tonight and features a Minnesotan from what I've heard and read.

These are just my highly uneducated guesses, though. What are your guesses as to the fate of 90s one-hit wonders "The Cardigans"?


I forgot to mention, too, that Saturday brings the much talked about Live Earth concerts. If you get too damned hot out and about (it's supposed to be 96 degrees in this part of Minnesota) take an air conditioned break and watch some fantastic musical acts play their hearts out all in the name of climate change awareness. If you can't find it somewhere on your TV, you obviously aren't trying very hard.


H said...

They came unraveled.

Jackie said...

This is amazing. Speculations are my favorite. :)
As far as Arby's, yeah. It makes me sad to drive by it every day. :(

Elween said...

live earth concert will produce more rubbish when people gather around together. i think it doesn't help much. they should reach out to the native land to promote this concept, not doing it in the cities, as if the people in the cities do not know about the awareness of it.

Slick said...

Truth be told, I've never even heard of'em Sornie!

Brooke said...

This is completely unrelated but on my birthday we had a music-osseur that had literally everything ever recorded in his cd case. We kept trying to stump him so I told my 23 year old sister-in-law to ask for Samantha Fox. She looked at me, totally blank and said "Who???

She made me feel like I was going on 70.

Sornie said...

The name faintly rings a bell for me but I am assuming that she was a little-known one-hit wonder who may have had somewhat of a hip-hop/pop leaning sound. Not my thing anymore but growing up in rural Minnesota this passed as cool music and probably still does.