Monday, July 16, 2007

A plea to Amy Winehouse; get clean or the emo kids get it

If you are at all in touch with popular music, you'll know who Amy Winehouse is. When she was just becoming a breakout star here in the states late this winter I profiled her based on what little information there was readily available. It's probably riddled with misinformation and incorrect 'facts' but that's how I roll. Her first single from the disc "Back to Black", "You Know I'm No Good", had just begin to break. Nobody knew who she was in the mainstream scheme of things. She was just another Brit with goofy hair, some tatoos and a musical style harkening back to the 50s that might fit in an early James Bond flick.

A few months later, though, her hot but trashy style is catching up with her. She may be music's short-term savior by making something old new and hip again but she is nothing short of a wreck. The second single, "Rehab", is based on Winehouse's rebuttal to a friend's suggestion that she haul her beehive into a rehab clinic and get clean. That's a suggestion she hasn't exactly take n to heart just yet.

Of course, now it seems like the over-mascara-ed favorite cover girl for Spin and Rolling Stone magazines may be in need of rehab. She's been cancelling shows and was recently advised by a doctor to "take some time to relax" which is celebrity code for hauling your junky ass to the nearest "spa" and get off the nose candy.

This is nothing new for musicians but unlike Britney Spears, Winehouse has potential. She has a unique style. Sure it is, to spme degree, fabricated but she pulls it off -- complete with her very own drug problem that her Kevin Federline-esque new husband, Blake Fielder-Civil (whose name she has tatooed above her left breast) seems to rather enjoy and enable as well.

This comes, too, on the heels of the news that Winehouse wants to have children. It makes sense that she'd want to copy a far trashier and more messed-up non-celeb by the name of Nicole Richie (who is carrying the spawn of quasi-rocker and Good Charlotte frontman, Joel Madden) and get to the baby makin'. But for Winehouse, I am betting that the minute she squirts out a kid, her career would crash faster than that of Britney Spears and we'd never hear from Amy Winehouse on the music charts ever again.

Dammit, Amy, get your shit together and get clean. I don't like all of your tunes from "Back to Black" but there are some gems and music in general needs you because your style far surpasses today's dominant styles of hip-hop or quasi-pop-emo-punk which makes me want to slit not just my throat but those of the wanna-bes who sing the crap and buy the crap too.

And just because this is a new post, don't think that I've had my fill of drink suggestions. Click here and keep 'em coming.


Mary said...

I was very disappointed when i read I think in RS that she wanted to take care of her man more than sing. Waste of talent.

buffalodickdy said...

Check out my sons' blog( for her and Charlotte Church(no shit!)singing "Beat It". What a video!

Alicia said...

I like the sound of her... but I can do without the drug problems.
It was cool in Janis Joplin's day to be a strung-out junkie...
Now it's just plain sad.

Why doesn't she just develop an eating disorder like everyone else?

Slick said...

I ain't even ashamed to admit I like some of her songs....she's got a sexy voice actually.

Drugs ruin all kinds of talented people....well, the people ruin themselves with the help of drugs.

Hang on, I need to do one more line...