Sunday, July 29, 2007

My weekend SO kicked your weekend's ass

What sort of excitement did the hip 20-somethings do this weekend at the Villa de Sornie?

Well, first off, thanks for asking. Secondly, I'm not going to say a word.

Well, maybe just a few.

painted the garage
saw 'The Simpsons Movie'
sat by the fire ring in our 75% off Target chairs
picked some sweet corn at the in-laws' farm
ate some of that sweet corn
made spaghetti sauce
got sunburned
couldn't find any Kolackies

Hey, don't rub it in. I suppose your weekend was better... well, was it??? Drop me a line and let's compare notes and maybe I'll come out on top and find out that I am actually hip.


Blondie said...

Though a few of those items do sound interesting and "fun"... my weekend completely kicked your weekend's ass. :)

buffalodickdy said...

Sounded like the perfect Midwest week-end! A little work well done, a little recreation, and good eats!

Beth said...

Since I'm not a hip 20-something, I'm not sayin'...
But I did have a good "age-appropriate" weekend!

Sornie said...

Come on Blondie, if you are so confident, spill it!

Balou said...

Well Sornie, you may be a hip 20 something but this 40 something has you beat I think. We had 30 people over for hot air ballooning and a bonfire and lots of good food. We danced, drank, laughed and listened to some new songs my hip 20 something niece wrote and hit the hay at 2:30. The next morning was a breakfast buffet for the dozen that crashed overnight. Sunday afternoon involved some serious hammock time and large amounts of iced tea. But dang, I didn't get to see The Simpsons movie. Was it good?

Slick said...

Dang! Ya'll some paaaarty peoples. lol

Hammer said...

Sounds better than my weekend for sure!

Sornie said...

Alright Slick, you have me there but am I suppose to believe your weekend was better?

And yes, Balou, the movie was, in my opinion, delicious. And your weekend sounded damn good too.

It sounds like Hammer ought to enlighten the class and compare milquetoast weekends.

Slick said...

Ok, ok....I'll admit it. I worked all weekend. Yuuuuck!