Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Hookin' in the news

If you're unaware, the term "roses" means dollars. No, not in everyday conversation but in the language used in the "adult" listings on popular online classified site Craigslist. That is where a 19-year-old Eagan girl got her start pimping Burnsville and Eagan area hos. Prostitution is a fact of life in every metro area but the girls that this employee of the Hampton Inn in Burnsville were recruiting and did recruit were minors.

Of course, it was only a matter of time before she got busted. That's what happens to pimps. Only she wasn't your average pimp. Justine Reisdorf, the pimp in this case, eventually used her brain and thought "why not have the girls get their hook on at the motel where I work, the Hampton Inn?" Reisdorf's manager must have been a complete idiot not to realize that his employee, the 19-year-old justine, was running a brothel out of the very hotel where a family might stay in the next room as the prepare to peruse the Mall of America and scope out the nearby zoo.

It's not surprising that Reisdorf is in jail and that Hampton Inn is owned by a family notorious for their own prostitute daughter, the Hiltons.

Oh, but the local tales of hookers doesn't stop with the teens whoring it up at the Hampton Inn.

Monday evening in Minneapolis, a 28-year-old woman who was carrying her one month old infant sat the child down in the bushes. Odd? Yes. Wrong? Yes. Hooker? Yes.

To keep this story short, a witness saw her sit the baby down and interacted with her. Twenty minutes later, after she was done with her "professional" work, she was promptly arrested.

This, to me, is far more irresponsible and troubling than some stupid teenagers who allow themselves to fall in to being prostitutes. And since prostitutes is a somewhat long word, I'm gonna call 'em hookers.

Hookers, regardless of age, are doing nothing less than providing a service. Of course those seeking the service are doing so for a reason. The reasons are plentiful but I am guessing that very few of these johns are catches or sport the chiseled looks of Brad Pitt.

I hope that both the young hooker who neglected her baby to ride some dude's bologna pony and the Hampton Inn madam get locked up for a while. Their crime isn't murder or rape but they need to be taught a lesson. Maybe they need to get drunk with a few Minnesota Gopher football players.


Hammer said...

I wish it was just legalized and legitimized so the crime and more seedy aspects would stop manifesting themselves.

No said...

To tell you the truth, I think Heidi Fleiss glamorized the whole thing....did you know she is starting up a stud farm in Vegas? At least she's doing it in a state where it's legal.

Beth said...

Hey, no one (including prostitutes) should have to endure time with those football players.
And legalizing "the business" would help.

Peacechick Mary said...

I'm definitely for legalizing prostitution. There's a site posted on called Bad Mothers NSFW - it shows women posing in highly explicit sexual positions (nothing new), but with their children in the photo. Bad stuff, very bad stuff.

urban vegan said...

One of the streets near my house is a hotbed of male prostitution. Ironically, the street in called Buttonwood St. which people in my 'hood affectionaly call "Butt-on-Wood" St.

JR's Thumbprints said...

Dem football jocks wouldn't pay, that is, unless the alumni are greasing their palms ahead of time.

Anonymous said...

Just so you know....when you are a Manager of a hotel it is hard to know what goes on with the overnight staff. If there were no complaints from other guests then how was the Manager to know what was happening. Plus it seems like the hoochie was only employed there for a short period of time. I have worked at a hotel for several years and I seriously have no idea what goes on at night. So just give the poor guy a break.

Sornie said...

In response to the anonymous commenter, in today's world when it's almost impossible to trust employees it is best to keep tabs on them. I know that the manager won't be held responsible but it's incidents like this that lead to being able to trust employees even less.