Wednesday, July 25, 2007

The downfall of pro sports, finally

Sure, I lost most all interest in professional sports years ago. It was the major league baseball player's strike in the mid-90s that cancelled the World Series that ruined baseball for me. Sure, it's been ruined a few times since then by various happenings, most recently the fact that juiced-up hulk Barry Bonds is going to break the home-run record (set by a legitimate talent many years ago) simply because he is taking more steroids than a now-dead pro wrestler.

Then there's the NBA. Professional basketball was ruined once for me when Michael Jordan retired to try his hand at playing, of all things, baseball. Then there was the lockout that cancelled nearly half of the regular season and the fact now that the league's playoff schedule drags the season nearer to a July conclusion each and every year.

Of course, the latest thing to taint basketball (which I truly don't care about and haven't for about a decade) is the obvious realization that NBA referee Tim Donaghy was calling games in a manner favorable to the bets placed by his low-level mafia friends in New Jersey. Hopefully his career ends much like "The Sopranos".

Lastly, the NFL has managed to ruin itself by employing the same level of thugs that the NBA holds up as short-term stars. You know the type, the Michael Vicks of the world who think it's fine and dandy to run a dog fighting business. Yea, that douchebag's punishment seems a bit too light. If anyone else had done this, they'd be in jail. This worthless piece of skin gets a four-game suspension which will does nothing more than give him four consecutive Sundays to sit on the sidelines and pout because he can't figure out with his below-average intelligence and 7th grade education why the fans are upset with his brutal and violent abuse of animals. Maybe he needs to be beaten to within an inch of his life for being injured so damn much or have live electrical lines attached to his family jewels. How's that feel Mikey?

I think it's come time to lock him up with the likes of the Minnesota Gopher rapists and let them all have at it in one jail cell and work out some sort of agreement. (Not that I at all condone jailhouse rape.)


Queen of the Mayhem said...

I'm not really a fan of professional sports either. I think it is a shame how these people act....more money than they know what to do with, and still can't seem to keep themselves out of trouble!

As for Barry Bonds.....SO UNFAIR! Exactly what kind of precedent does that set?

Hammer said...

I lost all interest in sports at the exact same times you mentioned.