Friday, June 15, 2007

Why I want to be a pirate

On the myth-confirming side, pirates were known to dress in loose clothing,
guzzle rum and smash the empty bottles, and chase busty wenches through
Caribbean ports.
With a couple things in that sentence alone, I want to be a pirate even though some more popular myths were discredited.

"Arrrrr" is strictly fiction, as are a number of the other affiliated
signifiers: Nobody ever walked the plank, and nobody has ever discovered an
actual pirate treasure map.

Anyone who knows me knows too that I am a sucker for busty wenches after some rum. Plank walking and treasure finding takes a back seat. source


sAssY brOwn said...

Who doesn't love busty wenches?

Hammer said...

Alas, all I have are busted wrenches

C-dell said...

Yeah, I think that it is the free out in the open. They were the bikes of their day

mist1 said...

Damn. It seems that I will never popular with pirates. I am not busty.