Sunday, June 24, 2007

What do clowns and sauerkraut have in common?

The mashing, the wringing, the disgusting odor wafting from the puddles of juice. Why it can only be the 30 seconds of preparation before a sauerkraut eating contest. 2 pounds of the disgusting crap which the two-time winner took down in a mere 1:47!

I beg of your forgiveness right now but when you see a bumpersticker like this one, you just can't let it escape without a photo.


Beth said...

eewww! I would NEVER eat a clown...they scare me to death! and saurkraut?...well...I like it in very small doses, but not in an eating contest! just the smells alone would make me ralph.

Jenny said...

Ha! This post = awesomeness.