Friday, June 15, 2007

The summer of covers

It's officially the heart of summer. I know this because I've had to take two showers each and every day this week -- one in the morning and one at night after I am covered in sweat from taking care of the homestead including the front step project.

But in simpler times summer used to mean a booze-fueled July camping trip. Ah, those were the days. Loading up a trailer with our supplies, two or three afternoons lazily tubing down the Apple River and nights spent around a riverside fire in the sweltering heat listening to various mix CDs created just for the occasion.

Those mix CDs required thought. Some contained "summertime" chill music, others got people in the mood for some rowdy times and still others contained nothing but bizarre covers of music most wouldn't be caught dead listening to.

Sure, I haven't burned a CD from my own collection of tunes in quite sometime but I still remember those oddball tunes -- some even by a band I witnessed in concert one happy August afternoon.

Lo and behold, those cover tunes are the focus of this week's Top 5ive. Oh, yeah, they're all FREE TUNES!

1 comment:

Hill said...

OMG! Tubing. LOVE IT!!! Here we (& thousands of drunk UT students) go tubing on the Guadalupe River. No better way to spend the summer. Love it!