Friday, June 08, 2007

Musical red flags or drinking blood of woodland creatures

It will be a month on Monday since the music died here in the Twin Cities. That's right, I haven't beaten the dead horse that is Drive 105 (now Love 105) for quite some time but I just can't let some things go. I am passionate that way or, as others would classify me, stubborn. Whatever the classification is, I still love music.

With the lack of a commercially-supported alternative radio station, I have been forced to take drastic measures or not-so-drastic measures depending on how you look at it. I began digging through my vast and all-encompassing iTunes library to pull out the tunes that Drive 105 had played and sprinkled in others that would have been a perfect fit. I also weeded out the crap that just didn't float my boat. Lo and behold I was left with close to 700 songs in the ultimate alternative playlist, most of which Drive 105 had played at one time or another during their five-year tenure. Not too shabby for a station which people bitched about being too repetitive and restrictive in what they played.

It also got me thinking about the vein of tunes I loaded up. Very few, if any, set off any "red flags". What the hell am I talking about? Glad you asked.

Red flags, psychologically speaking, are something that parents may first become aware of. For decades, parents have been aware, regardless of how out of touch they may seem, of what tunes their kids have cranked up in their bedrooms, cars, Walkmans, iPods, computers, 8-tracks, victrolas or -- and this one is big -- humming along to quietly as they intently watch the latest adventures of Wally & The Beav.

So, with the precedents set for monitoring the tunes which people are soaking in, what would define a "red flag"?

My standards are rather stereotypical. A few band names which come to mind are Sepultura, Gwar, Marilyn Manson, Fear Factory, Cannibal Corpse and countless others too obscure to name. Of course, I don't think that there is any such thing as a musical "red flag". Parents of the world: it's JUST MUSIC. Relax. If your kids aren't murdering small woodland animals and subsequently burning them in a ritual fashion, you don't have a damn thing to worry about.

But, are there any "red flags" in my playlist gleaned from far too long spent as a music fanatic? Maybe. Here's the Top 5ive which may be cause for alarm. Or not.

Johnny Cash - Cocaine Blues
Social Distortion - Prison Bound
Sex Pistols - Anarchy in the UK
Weezer - Dope Nose
Placebo - Pure Morning

Are these "red flags" or not? Do you listen to music which could be considered a "red flag" in any way, shape or form? Please, do share!


Pharmacy tech guy. said...

Hey cracker where's part deux of your neighbor story? now don't make it anti-climactic or I will be disappointed. If it is we will have to remedy the situation next time I am up.

Administracion said...
Try and Win... Where is the picture form? Add points to your ranking!

Hill said...

I consider all country western murder ballads as "red flags."
Don't like country. Can you tell?

Anonymous said...

the only red flags I could see is when you're crossing state lines, though cocaine blues pulls up some flags in a variety of company, although I find most people don't quite know the lyrics to it. But put Cannibal on this list and we'll have a fair go around. The best way to find out if it's flagged is to play it where a few people could hear in a public place. But the bands in this age that push the envelope further than Cannibal ever did seem to scream, rap or vox their lyrics at speeds often too fast for the average person to hear the first time around. It's a little disappointing. There's the parodies but often too in your face to really be poignant, humorus or shocking.

There's always the classics though but it's a bit annoying when the grandneices and nephews are singing along as if it were a children's song.

so perhaps I've just become old.

Where's Tipper Gore when you need her?

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