Wednesday, June 20, 2007

A look under the hood

A lot of my work on a daily basis pertains to the vast online world. I am involved in a group with my day job analyzing and guiding our future presence of our vast online portfolio of brands and sites. Some of the keywords at which people arrive at the particular sites are astounding but that's at work. The content is, sh all we say, a bit more refined than some of the topics I delve in to here. And since December of 2004 on an almost five-day-a-week basis, I've written too many opinions, covered too many topics and hurt too many feelings to remember.

However, the most viewed items on this crappy little back room of the internet and the search term used to arrive here are amazing. I can assume via the host names and names used in certain searches that I get at least some traffic from my hometown, good old SPAMTown U.S.A. -- Austin, Minnesota. Sure, it smells like various pork products depending on the day of the week (and I'd avoid Fridays altogether on the eastern side of the venerable Hormel plant because it's rendering day) but I've got my roots there and a gaggle of friends and memories. Of course, that small city is where I got my professional start on today's career and some people must still be curious on the whereabouts of some acquaintances which brought up the searches for "Erik Pehrson" and "Brian L. Moser" as well as the number one stumper of "winner winner chicken dinner".

Of course I also talk a lot of trash about the local media and spent an entire week in May railing against then-ABC Radio's assbag of a decision to do away with alternative rock radio station "Drive 105". That, along with the names of a couple DJs ("Chris Rahn" and "Joni from love 105") brought plenty of locals along with a plethora of combination of the former Drive 105 searches and the present Love 105 searches.

Apparently, though, "soda names" is an often-searched for topic on 'teh interwebs'.

The most interesting searches are often questions such as "is belinda jensen from kare 11 pregnant". I can say that, judging from a recent weather segment I caught tonight on KARE 11 Weather Plus that she is either A.) Pregnant or B.) concealing stolen beach balls from Costco.

And the most popular search term as of late -- winner winner chicken dinner. Huh.


H said...

I'm leaning toward beach balls.

Enemy of the Republic said...

As someone who has a blog called Cruel Virgin, you can only imagine the searches that I have found on my stats counter. Oh, and the parts of the country they come from--Give me a R E D!