Friday, June 01, 2007

I'm back and now 99% puke-free!

In the wake of my gastro-intestinal system pulling out every trick in the book early Wednesday morning to bring me to my knees for the past couple of days, my week is totally fucked up. Throw in the fact that Monday was a holiday and I've had all of about one productive day thus far.

So that means no musicy goodness today but some tasty links to hold you over...

Photoshopped cat pics. My fave has to be the black cat face first in the toilet asking "Poop thredz in heer?"

Minnesota Highway Patrol busts semi trailer hauling 21 tons of jawbreakers. Why is that weird? Oh, yeah, I forgot to mention that there was 1.5 tons of pot tucked away with the candy.

Minnesota's very own Springfield has turned down the opportunity to compete in a contest to be the hometown for this summer's movie home to "The Simpsons". The small Minnesota town apparently lacks something called a 'sense of humor'. I will commence mocking them next week.

Ethanol boom fuels a shortage of tequila. So, what's good for my dad's checking account (for once in the past 35 years of farming) isn't exactly good for the hardcore lushes of Mexico and Texas. Factor in the impending tortilla crisis and the entire Latino culture is about to begin a tragic death spiral that I don't particularly give a shit about.


Purring said...

I love jaw breakers.

mist1 said...

The MN story that had all my hometown friends calling me last night was the one about the couple who got the $2.6 million check from the state by accident. Naturally, they spent it.

Oops. Who knew you could go to jail for clerical mistakes.

mist1 said...

And...I have finally added a link to you on my blog. I'm not good at blog maintenance. Sorry.

C-dell said...

That is a crazy story, the jawbreakers.