Thursday, June 14, 2007

I am the last of the adventurers

Alright, maybe I am not the last of the adventurers by a longshot but that doesn't mean that I can't still shake things up and do something totally out of the ordinary for me. That is why, earlier this week, after some prodding from the missus, I decided that after driving by a certain Chinese restaurant with a name that bring back all sorts of teenage humor, we'd give the place a try. I mean, what's the worst that could happen?

After I docked the boat for a few minutes and dispersed my workly crap at various points throughout the house, I suggested it. After picking the wife's jaw up from the floor, we got back in my freighter and arrived a few minutes later at Mei Dong Garden (I tend to pronounce it My Dong Garden, see the teen humor in that?).

All in all, the food wasn't terrible. The wife loved it as she does with Chinese food. I, however, had only ventured to LaChoy canned chow mein. That, before that fateful night, was the extent of my Chinese food knowledge. My only complaint, it's salty. Very salty, in fact. The food did happen to replace the salt I had sweat out during the previous days of our heat wave here in sultry and steamy Minnesota so it's a mixed blessing.

As I carefully selected items for my plate, I had some puffy chicken, some king of pork covered in a sauce, some chicken & broccoli mix with sauce and scalloped orange things (I later found out that the orange things were, get this, carrots!) and yet more puffy chicken.

There ya' go. After 28 years I can finally say that I've eaten at a Chinese restaurant. I survived it and even had enough stamina left to return home and continue building my grand new front steps. If you're curious about that, you should be!


Hammer said...

Chinese food uses lots of salt to cover up the taste of cat ;)

H said...

Congratulations on your first Chinese food experience! I'm happy to hear that you survived. I used to not like Chinese but now I absolutely love it, although I still stick to the safer things (fried rice and lo mein).