Monday, June 04, 2007

Hilton goes to the pokey, 45 days without any pokey

Today celebutard Paris Hilton reports to jail. She will supposedly serve 45 days of a 90 day sentence. I hate even acknowledging a vapid waste of flesh such as her but it's of note because she belongs in jail. I feel vindicated and I never even watched "House of Wax" -- I only saw a couple commercials for it and for that she should serve the full three months -- maybe more.

I even saw Hilton last night. No, she wasn't sitting alongside me as I obsessively flipped through TV channels on a rather mundane Sunday evening sharing secrets with me such as how much glue it takes to hold her rather obvious hair extensions in. Nah, I saw the platinum blonde mouth breather on the rather dull MTV Movie Awards. The Jewy hot Sarah Silverman was poking fun at Hilton and I am not sure if she was just unaccepting of the prodding or unable to comprehend the not-so-obvious joke but Paris looked blankly ahead and, much like Kristen Wiig's SNL A-Hole character, twisted her extensions around her finger and generally looking confused and aloof.

I predict that Hilton will return to society unphased by her stint in jail. She'll be just as stupid, ignorant and slutty as she ever was. Maybe she'll be shivved by some butch in the showers or avoid it by agreeing to be her would-be stabber's new bitch. One can only hope.

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H said...

She's not even going to serve her entire sentence -- I read on CNN this morning that she is expected to serve only 23 days of her 45-day sentence because she will most likely get out "for good behavior."