Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Ann Coulter spreads more hate

In an exchange yesterday on MSNBC's "Hardball" with host Chris Matthews, wife of Presidential candidate Jon Edwards, Elizabeth Edwards called the show to ask a few questions of conservative political ass puppet Ann Coulter. The exchange between the two is interesting and it's refreshing to see someone call that acid-spewing bitch Coulter out on the carpet for her years and yeard of hate speech.

I've discussed Ann Coulter's tactics only one time before and I can't believe I am giving that junk-toting stick figure the attention she so craves but she's the political version of Paris Hilton. She's a lot like a cockroach, she just won't go away and there aren't a lot of viable options to rid the world of the plague that is the acid tongued, little black dress-wearing, bleach blonde whore named Ann Coulter. It isn't because I disagree with most everything she says, it's her tactics and her hate speech that sets me off. To call out someone's deceased son and claim that the parents are using him as a way to derive attention is so sick and wrong.

She feels that because something is in the past that, no matter how wrong and hateful it was, it is alright because the past is the past. Normally, that is the case but she continually dredges up old topics and demeans the actions of others while she carries on as a paid hate merchant for the likes of Dick Cheney and the other puppets spewing the same talk she does on a daily basis.

If only, like people should do with the celebutards of the world, people would ignore her it would be like the proverbial tree falling in the forest. If nobody listened, she'd eventually collapse into herself and the world would be rid of a woman who has done as much damage as anyone else I can think of in the way of driving constructive conversation into the ground and furthering her own cause of ridiculing opponents and doing absolutely nothing to find common ground and improve the world. No, she has consistently continued her slash and burn philosophy of attacking those who she has no business attacking. If she is looking to attack anyone based on their actions, maybe she needs to look back at those in the shadows behind her who feed her the material for her venomous attacks.


betmo said...

i youtubed it- ordinarily i don't watch, read, listen, etc. to anything that comes out of she-who-doesn't- deserve-a-name's befouling mouth. she has nothing to offer and she is such a mental lightweight- she makes chris matthews look like a mensan. so- i did watch the hardball thing- and really. she had nothing. she couldn't even hold her own. it was really rather pathetic and i can't help but wonder why people bother to have her on their show. she adds nothing to discourse or debate and she looks rough like a skanky crack whore. bye, bye ann.

PunditMom said...

Oh, don't get me started on Ann Coulter!