Friday, May 25, 2007

Tuned IN

It happens all the time in the world of music. A "star" is here today, gone tomorrow. After all, how many people can honestly remember flashes in the pan such as um, well, er. Alright, there are TONS of one-hit-wonders in the past ten years alone. Their fame escalated rapidly and descended faster yet.

Other musical artists, though, actually have success but meet the ultimate demise like that of their one-hit-wonder brethren. One name which popped into my head earlier in the week while I was in the bathroom (the birthplace or all great ideas) was that of Natalie Merchant.

I can hear you asking right now "Who in the fuck is Natalie Merchant?" Alright, I just so happen to have an answer for you. She was a solo artist who achieved a decent level of success in the mid-90s. A song that comes to mind is the decidedly upbeat "Wonder". She had a few radio-friendly singles from her first solo disc and went on to release a second less successful disc and, I believe, a live compilation. Of course if you don't remember her solo career, it might just be overshadowed by the fact that she was a member of "10,000 Maniacs". Yeah, it had to be hard to break out of a crowd of 10,000 admitted maniacs and forge a mildly successful and short-lived solo career but Ms. Merchant did just that.

So, the question is this: what happened to Natalie Merchant? Has she joined a hippie commune in Idaho that raises organic potatoes and produces potato-related merchandise from the byproducts of potatoes? It's anyone's guess but I want to hear what YOU, the readers, think that Natalie Merchant is up to some dozen years after her solo career unceremoniously tanked.


Good Lord, lookie here, the Top 5ive...

Summer is a time for fun, it's also a time where the lady-folk tend to wear less which exposes delicious skin which, um, does things to guys. The guys take notice and that notice can lead o bouts of love. Ahhh, summer love...

Wilco - I'm Always in Love
Justin Timberlake - Summer Love
Ben Harper - Steal My Kisses
Rhett Miller - Our Love
Dramarama - Anything, Anything

Have a great Memorial Day weekend, be safe and I'll see y'all back here next week!


H said...

I'm pretty sure that Natalie Merchant is a sheep farmer in New Zealand. She's probably looking for a different line of work, though, because her flock has learned to bleat "Because the Night."

buffalodickdy said...

I always enjoyed her voice. She will resurface when the kids in her audience hit fifty. She will lose 30lbs(mainly hip and ass weight) and go on tour(mostly Indian owned casinos).....

Chungsiew O said...