Friday, May 04, 2007

The summer of reunion tours has begun. The past weekend brought the sprawling and traffic-clogged Coachella music festival in the middle of the California desert in Indio, California. Of course it is known across the country by those in the know as the top tier of American festivals and this year's festival was special because of a certain rock band reuniting for a headlining gig.

Yeah, that's right, 90s rockers Rage Against The Machine were back with all four original members taking the stage in front of over 60,000 concert-goers who braved the desert heat and got moving to the gutteral chants of vocalist Zach DeLaRocha.

While the band hasn't made it publicly known whether this is just a short touring stint or a full-fledged return to their politically motivated lyrical rebel-rock of seven years ago but this weekend's performance at the Empire Polo Grounds was at least a start.


In local music happenings, the always nine months behind Cities 97 played (for the first time, the DJ said) Blue October's "Into the Ocean" Monday proving that they actually do cater to the penny loafer crowd that is still trying to be cool but just can't figure out why they aren't. Give it up Cities 97, casual listeners like me have y'all figured out. Quit pretending to be cutting edge, you left that behind in 1995.


Damn right, if you stuck around this long here's your reward being attentive.

Southern rockers Kings of Leon have at least partial roots from a dad who toured the southern U.S. as a preacher with family in tow for musical support. My, how the time have changed for these guys. This is from their second major release and it's worthy of being played on repeat at a volume which would make seniors turn down their Audibel hearing aids.

Kings of Leon - On Call


As I told y'all yesterday, I am challenging myself this summer on a number of fronts. I've got a start on most everything I listed and as a preview, here's a photo from the archives. Let me know if it's any good in your opinion. Keep the feedback coming and enjoy the weekend wherever you are!


Brendan said...

Rage rules. I still listen to them regularly, especially on long drives.

Zach is good, but Tom Morello is the one who makes that band, IMHO. He's the most distinctive guitarist since at least The Edge.

I, too, hope that this is a real reunion and that they stick together for another long while.

Nice pic. Keep 'em coming.

BTW, the music file that you offered seems broken -- I only get a 1 KB file when I try to download it.

Sornie said...

Thanks for the info on the link. I agree that morello is what makes the band

Hill said...

Damn. The Coachella music festival sounds fun.
BTW, awesome pix! Outstanding, actually.

Jay said...

Rage always takes me back - I can practically smell the chalk inthe classroo.