Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Only happy when it rains

Hey, pardon me for having a cheesy title but it just rolls off the tongue, doesn't it?

As I decided last night to mow the lawn as a mythical storm was approaching, I realized that it was due time to drag my shitty lawn mower across my pasture-like lawn. This jungle-like area surrounding the casa de Sornie was once a pristine paradise (I suppose) until we moved in and threw a couple cars up on blocks out front, a few random and toppling piles of trash in the back and my trademarked Patch-O-Thistles (TM) along the side of the home.

Sure, alot of this is exaggeration and the only weeds come courtesy of the crazy guy living behind me. I will loathe him for eternity because I can never slay the evil dandelions which come only from his trashy lawn. Dandelions and the styrofoam rose bush protector thing that blew into my yard during the gale-force winds yesterday.

Oh, yeah, where was I? Six days. Yes. That's it. Six days had passed since I had mowed my lawn. It seemed to grow like an evil, flesh eating plant after the two consecutive tropical temperature days that are known to us common folk as Sunday and Monday. That fact, combined with the obsessive-compulsive next door neighbor who has mowed his lawn four separate times in the past ten days, made me push myself out the door last night and mow my own little hay field.

It has been exactly eight days since the Twin Cities lost its little alternative rock station, Drive 105. The Facebook group numbers over 5,000 members currently with thousands signing online petitions, sending e-mails to both Love 105 locally and ABC Radio. My desks at home and work are still littered with Drive 105 magnets and the thousands who have given time to the cause of bringing the station back aren't giving up. It all seems like a dream.

Green Day - Wake Me Up When September Ends

Make sure to send your comments regarding Drive 105/Love 105 to ABC Radio. Sure, it says they don't want them but for them to put a note on their site about the "low-rated" Drive 105, they must be getting at least some heat.

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Lily said...

Ah dandelions... pick a large bouquet of them and tie them with a lovely ribbon... present them to your neighbor as a thank you.