Monday, May 14, 2007

My, what a weekend

Weekends never go as planned because, well, plans suck and I hate making plans and hate even more to follow plans. Plans, in general, make for routine and I despise routine.

As we climbed into the car early Saturday afternoon to grab some threads for the wife, she jokingly said that I should turn the radio to Drive 105. That didn't go over well with me especially after the events of last week. After her shoulder regained feeling and turned a lovely shade of purple (I kid!) we were on our way to my least favorite activity in the whole world... clothes shopping.

If there was something in the world that I could compare to following another person around a store which I loathe, now would be the time which I would trot out such a comparison. Well, this was right up there with sitting through a chick-flick double feature in a rusty, shrapnel producing metal chair wearing shoes three sizes too small may come close.

Of course, that wasn't the highlight of the whole weekend but my parents did stop by Sunday afternoon and were bearing gifts as well as some of the stuff I had left behind at their house. They seem to want their closets cleaned out and I seem to have alot of stuff.

For some reason all other plans got scrapped but the song listed below (which made the weekend all worth it) in something new I am trying in an effort to memorialize my beloved radio station came up on my iPod...

Song of the day:
Modest Mouse - The World at Large

Keep the momentum rolling, Thursday's post here detailed what can be done for the now musicless Minnesotans and if you are a facebook user, join their group (over 4,000 members so far!?!) and help Bring Back Drive 105!


K-Dawg said...

Hi! Thanks for leaving a comment on my blog--I totally empathize with your angst over the loss of Drive 105. I plan to return to live in Minnesota in a few months, so even though I'm not living there now, it still affects me!
I noticed on your profile that you said you listen to Indie 103, which I obviously tune into here in LA. Just wondering if you listen to it online or if you have reception in MN too...? I'm hoping there'll be *some* station I can listen to when I get back!!!

Sornie said...

Yea, I listen online and seem to be drawn to the sound of those west coast Alt-Rock stations. Indie is amazing but just as amazing in 94.9 from San Diego. It is sad that the Twin Cities are without mainstream Alt-Rock once again with the exception on MPR's 89.3 The Current but that station gets more than a bit "quirky" and is definitely public radio but I love Mary Lucia who does afternoons there.