Wednesday, May 23, 2007

A month of change

Actually it isn't a month of change, it's much more than that. Change goes on all the time, it never stops. It's something that makes us who we are. Some changes are challenging, others bring out the best in us and make us take a stand for what we truly believe in. It can be related to your job, a change in your personal life, a change in your daily routine, a change for a close friend or losing something special.

All of these changes bring out different aspects and emotions in us. It can be joy, sadness, anger, jubilation, excitement, rage or it can be a humbling feeling. A co-worker may point out something you did that seemed small but truly made a difference in their day or a friend can push for something which means alot to them and that, in turn, makes others, including yourself, do everything possible to support this cause.

I began by saying that it a month of change because the month of May transforms from Spring to Summer. It is a period of change. It seems only fitting that it is also a time of celebration. One of my closest friends is taking a job far, far away from what has been his home for the better portion of his life. Another is heading off to battle, literally. I, too, am working on my own changes for the better. Nobody, sane people anyhow, knowingly and purposely makes a change for the worse. Everyone has their own best interests in mind. I love all of my friends and know that, because we are so close, that we will stay close no matter how great of a distance separates us.

As I write about friends moving away, I also think of one who will be returning home so to speak. Another of my closest friends who i have managed to stay relatively close to despite the separation of literally the entire country. It's bonds like these that make me proud. It's friends who have convictions like these that make me proud.

I hope they all feel the same way.

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