Tuesday, May 01, 2007

Mission accomplished: four years later

While support for capturing terrorists, the very groups that bankrolled those who attacked our country over five years ago, is waning it doesn't mean that Americans are any less weak on controlling and squashing terrorism than they were in late 2001.

We are, however, as a country, changing our opinion about this war whose mission was supposedly accomplished four long years ago.

If that mission was accomplished four years ago in Iraq, why, then, are our nation's troops still embroiled in the middle of a civil war between factions whose beliefs and culture our supposedly educated leaders are knowledgeable of even while military leaders state that we know nothing about these cultures?

Many of us know someone either personally or once removed that has been deployed to Iraq. I have a good friend who has completed a tour of duty another who returns in July and a co-worker whose son ships out for training this week. That's a rather high percentage being that I don't know a lot of people.

But back to that Mission: Accomplished stunt that one George W. Bush pulled on that fateful May day on the deck of an aircraft carrier in the Persian Gulf. If we truly had a mission four years ago, why do we not have a clear mission currently? If it has been the same mission all along, why did the original mission become undone?

We still support the troops, they are doing their jobs just as millions of other Americans do each and every day. But the troops, unlike so many of us out of harm's war, are lacking a job description for the task at hand. Sure, they know to shoot if under fire, treat everyone as a potential murderer and keep a constant watch for anything suspicious but what is the real goal? The glorious leader states that he is spreading democracy throughout the middle east which means that, if he continues to bully his policy through congress, this long and meandering battle is far from over.

Even the first lady has voiced her blind opinion on the war in Iraq saying:

"No one suffers more than their president and I do." source

She (Laura) is as ignorant of a first lady that our country has ever seen. I am aware that she is just supporting her husband but some things such as an open ended war lacking a mission which began on falsified intelligence does not justify a statement like hers.

Does she visit the troops in Iraq? Have close personal friends been sent there for a year at a time? Show some actual compassion (not just a staged photo op) and her statement might have some basis to it but until then it will be a shallow and meaningless statement.

Forget the statements of those who support anything that falls in line with the party's mission. Regardless of if our country needed to invade and then occupy Iraq or not, we are there and must formulate a plan to leave a hostile country where warring factions clearly illustrate on a daily basis that our country's presence inside their borders is unwanted. This should be a lesson for future conflicts -- don't start something without a plan to finish it. Sure, it's easy to say that you'll just see how things play out but when they don't play out favorably, citizens want answers.

Understand, then, that after four years of being tight-lipped, secretive and ultimately lying to and spying on the citizens of the United States that we, as a country, want, need and deserve answers, a plan and a roadmap for the occupation of Iraq. Will it end? When will it end? What is the goal(s)? Will there be a change of course if support continues to falter?

Consider this as we wander in to year five of the post-Mission: Accomplished era in Iraq.


Alicia said...

Dubya went on my husband's Aircraft Carrier (USS Abraham Lincoln) and with a big "MISSION ACCOMPLISHED" banner hanging behind him he said the war was over.
I hope Gore runs for president.
Hilary is no good, nor is Obama, Edwards is a sissy but besides that he should be spending time with his sick wife, Giuliani and McCain scare the crap out of me, and Romney is a part of a cult (The creepy mormons). If Leiberman runs again I swear I'll move to Canada. I'm only a few hundred miles south of there as it is.

Maybe I should run for president.
I'd atleast wear better suits than Ms. Clinton does.

Slick said...

Dude, I'm right here with you.

I was all for the proposed "squash the terrorists" after 9/11. But what has it become now???

We're trying to curb something that those people have been doing for centuries. Fight, fight, and fight.

Peacechick Mary said...

The neocon war sales machine is broken, spitting out nuts and bolts and making awful noises. Let's hope it finally collapses of it's own burn-out.