Thursday, May 24, 2007

A gas price explanation; how to stick it to "The Man"

A story locally on NBC affiliate KARE 11 explains why there are wild "spikes" in the gas prices. It boils down to Super America/Speedway being in the market. Every market across the country where they compete has this trend. Their price spikes dictate the market and the prices at competitors follow.

That leads to another question which was answered rather bluntly. Why is gas so costly currently with oil at $65/barrel when after Hurricane Katrina when gas prices barely topped $3.00/gallon locally and oil was at $80/barrel?

Oil companies are raising prices largely because they can.

Isn't an explanation like that enough to make you want to begin research on alternative fuels for yourself?

Of course if you combine the "Super America/Speedway effect" with the fact that oil companies will charge whatever the hell prices they want to and factor in the realization that the summer driving season officially starts tomorrow with Memorial Day weekend you will soon put the pieces together.

"The Man" (oil companies) has American drivers by the balls. Change your damn ways. That's about the only way to stick it to "The Man". Drive less, inflate your tires properly, keep your hoopty tuned up, take the junk out of your trunk (unless it looks good there ladies... you know who you are), when you buy a new car make sure to buy something sensible and combine your trips... hell, consider walking or riding a bike for local errands... especially trips to the local McDonald's so you don't have to buy wider doors for your house.

On that note, I will be heading down the road 'bout 100 miles this weekend to see of my good friend, Softball Player Guy, as he moves damn near to Canada for a job (See previous post). Have a good weekend and if you are near a computer Friday, check out "Tuned In" right here like ever damn Friday before it.


choochoo said...

Gas prices... That's -one- advantage to riding my bike everywhere. Although it does seem like every bug on the road is out to get me... Maybe they're punishing me 'cause they can't get to the drivers.

Christina_the_wench said...

I say we bomb the oil company execs. Today. Right now. Price-gouging ass wipes.

Have a good long weekend!