Monday, May 14, 2007

Flowers of all sorts

Lookie there folks, it's an Iris waiting to bloom along side Casa De Sornie. Remember my pledge for the summer months, one of which was to go hog freaking wild on capturing photos of varied success levels. This one is a touch blurry but I had to see if I could catch the water droplets, well, not from the rain because there wasn't any but I watered stuff tonight.

Tune of the Day
On an aside, and Iris in broader terms is a flower and the plural of that phrase is 'flowers' which happens to be the last name of Brandon Flowers who is the lead singer of 'The Killers', yet another band which will receive ZERO exposure in the Twin Cities and the rest of Minnesota with the loss of Alternative Radio Drive 105.

The Killers - Read my Mind

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Lizard Princess said...

Hi! I noticed on Dorky Dad's blog that you said you were an only child and I am too. There are more and more of us these days, eh?
Also, the picture of the iris bud could have easily been taken outside my house today, as I am anxiously waiting for them to open up and say hello. We need some rain to speed things along, I think. It's been threatening all day, but as of yet, not a drop!