Friday, April 06, 2007

This week it was announced that rock stalwarts Pearl Jam would be the headlining act for the second year of the two-day incarnation of Perry Farrell's once-touring festival Lollapalooza music festival.

That, to me, marks a turning point for Lollapalooza. Just two years ago in its 2005 attempt at a touring festival, they sold so few tickets that the entire thing was scrapped in favor of what would eventually become a two-day event in Chicago. Apparently it worked and attracted plenty of known acts. Take a look at the day one schedule from 2006 and check out the line-up for the "must-see" music festival of 2007.


Next week has a few must-have releases for all the CD junkies out there.

The British band Arctic Monkeys return with their sophomore disc entitled "Brianstorm"

Omaha emo-rocker Bright Eyes returns to stores with the Tuesday release of "Cassadaga"

and the annoyingly everywhere band Guster releases an EP version of their genre-crossing "Satellite"


I get most of my tips for free tunes from local sources and this week's is no different.

Seattle-based singer/songwriter Brandi Carlile is influenced by the likes of The Indigo Girls and Radiohead. While those two acts don't exactly sound alike, the influences meld together with the first single from her second major release, "The Story", which hit stores this week.

Named one of Rolling Stone's artists to watch in 2005, she has continually built an audience with the help of appearances on the major TV networks. A recent episode of "Grey's Anatomy" featured three of her tunes and she has made the rounds on late night television, appearing on two of the three late night shows on NBC and received yet more attention by being showcased three weeks ago on iTunes as the song of the week.

Late last week her latest tune, "The Story", was added to Drive 105's playlist.

Download it, try it on for size and run to the nearest store where one might purchase compact discs and buy it.

Brandi Carlile - The Story


Have a Happy Easter everyone!


C-dell said...

I stopped downloading a long time ago. I still get music that friends have on their computer.

Diesel said...

Guster is everywhere? That's news to me. I love Guster, and they seem to be criminally underappreciated to me. But what do I know.

Anyway, come play in my caption contest again! Please?

Tanya Kristine said...

Jesus. am i THAT old? none of those sound familiar except of course pearl jam...

Sornie said...

Guster is only everywhere to me because I could turn on one of three radio stations and risk hearing Guster at any time.

Don't feel bad Tanya, alot of the names mentioned aren't exactly mainstream or maybe they are, maybe I just claim to know. It's all a mystery...

C-dell said...

Happy Easter

Michelle Ann said...

Am I the only person that can't stand Pearl Jam??? Every song sound the same as the last one I heard.