Monday, April 23, 2007

St. Paul cops: arrest all protesters at '08 convention

What the hell even happen to being able to protest in the streets? I've seen the footage from the Vietnam protest era but those days are long gone. Now protest occur within a convenient fenced area so nobody can even see the protest. Those who are courageous enough to protest usually do so in a peaceful manner and are rewarded by expressing their constitutional freedoms with some jail time. That is the case as Minnesota's capitol city, St. Paul, readies as host city of the 2008 Republican National Convention. The city has gone ahead and planned its budget for the event based on the likelihood of 3,000 arrests of protesters throughout the course of the convention held the same time as the Minnesota State Fair which promises to be far more enjoyable than an arena full of political wonks placing blind trust behind a candidate who may or may not be worse than the current president, but I digress.

Republican view:
Why should we foot the bill so people can protest?

Democratic view:
Peaceful protest is a right in the constitution, why is it now an "offense" punishable with jail time?

My view:
This convention was billed as being a cash cow for the Twin Cities with all the hotel rooms filled and restaurants overflowing with hungry folks attending the convention. There should be more than enough profiting from the convention to pay for police overtime should anything get out of hand. A few thousand protesters, though, is nothing more than people expressing their displeasure with the current stance of one political party. As for why people don't protest in front of the Democratic National Convention, the Democrats haven't colossally fucked up the country yet and aren't near as morally corrupt as the Republicans. The protesters, though, need to remember the word peaceful. Yell and chant all you want but do so in a manner that doesn't destroy property. Don't give the drunken Irish cops of St. Paul a reason to tazer your asses and throw you in the pokey.

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