Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Shock jock says something controversial

How in the holy hell does this get classified as news? 113 year-old shock jock with a face made exclusively for radio says something non-politically correct and everyone is in shock because he said something insensitive. I'll admit that I have never heard Don Imus who is nothing short of a radio dinosaur whose show is simulcast on the seventh-tier MSNBC television news channel but I have heard of Don Imus.

Many years ago his show used to air on some piss-ant Twin Cities radio station but was yanked when the station switched formats. Since then, curmudgeonly senior citizens who want to nod in agreement with a stereotypical haggard old shock jock whose time in the spotlight faded a couple decades ago have had to turn on their television sets to get their fix while they sit and drink Metamucil and reminisce about how the world used to be better when they were younger, you know, back when you could own slaves.

So, the wrinkled old has-been called the Rutger's women's basketball team a bunch of "nappy-headed hos". Huh. The last time I checked it's just fine for woman to sport their hair in a nappy appearance and, believe it or not, some woman gladly proclaim themselves as hos but probably not a woman's basketball team from a rather decent college. If he had used that term when referring to the Ohio State Buckeyes women's basketball team he may have gotten away with it because it's a state college but apparently it is possible to offend an entire race and it earned his a suspension from his stale, old radio show.

I don't really care what he said because while he said it on what is considered to be national airwaves, he isn't exactly culturally relevant. It would be like me standing on my roof yelling and the damn bastard-children to stop riding their bikes on my grassy boulevard. Maybe some of those kids don't know who their dads are but I, admittedly, am not anywhere near culturally relevant and have accepted the fact that I won't make any huge national impact and chances are, nobody would be listening and I wouldn't waste my time doing it because I just don't care -- they are kids and kids do what kids do.

Did the Rutger's women's basketball team deserve the name-calling? No, not any more than I might deserve any name calling for berating a geriatric radio talk show host who is billed as a shock-jock.

So there you have it, the first day's take on the fourth day. And keep your nappy-headed kids off my damn lawn.

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Ziem said...

I agree, what Imus said is a terrible thing. He's a hack who has no idea where he stands on anything. I'm no fan.
I would like to know where the media is while people like coulter and malkin are spewing their hate and racism though?