Thursday, April 12, 2007

Radio geezer canned, blames nappy-headed hos

Earlier this week I wrote about the comments of one washed up radio "shock jock" known to the world as Don Imus. He said things over the public airwaves that are normally reserved for cable television, satellite radio, HBO or mainstream rap music.

Today he got what was coming to him. CBS radio canned the geezer. It's only fair as it's happened due to stupid stunts pulled by other morning radio jocks such as the team in Sacramento who ended up with a dead contestant during some dopey contest involving drinking copious amounts of water to win a Nintendo Wii. There was also the 2002 firing of morning shock jock team Opie and Anthony after two listeners supposedly got their sex on in a Catholic church to win some likely crappy prize.

See, it's really nothing new and it should at least please those on the religious right who want us to all be holy and moral while their own go around smoking meth with gay prostitutes or bagging male teenage pages.

Yes, let's hope we all turn out as moral and holy as those on the right. Sure, the criticism of Imus was right but he's said equally wrong things before and no one batted an eye. So why was there such an uproar now? Is political correctness suddenly making a comeback?

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