Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Minnesota's own $500 million polished turd

Here we go again. It's been a few days since the Minnesota Twins baseball team unveiled their shiny new piece of crap called a stadium to the very taxpayers who will be footing the bill for it.

Before I get to the link for the artist renderings, let me give you a visual for the location. This shiny new ballpark being billed as a modern day version of the venerable Wrigley Field in Chicago will sit sandwiched on one city block between Interstate 394, some parking ramps, a garbage incinerator and be built on top of light rail tracks and freight railroad tracks a mere block from the crap fest that is Target Center -- home of the NBA's worst franchise, the Minnesota Timberwolves.

Oh, the pricetag, you ask. It's closing in on $500 million for a stadium designed to seat only 40,000 fans on this cramped city block with a plaza for fans that will be built partially over an under-the-surface street. This is sheer brilliance for a new stadium which one of the arrogant designers called the new Wrigley Field but will be wrapped in glass, steel and limestone and represent the bastard child of Minneapolis' own new Guthrie Theater and Denver's Coors Field. That doesn't exactly sound like the Wrigley Field I'm familiar with but these bloviating jackasses sure think it does. Maybe they need to get their eyes checked because there aren't any pine trees in the outfield of Wrigley Field. Or limestone. Or steel. Or rail lines under the stadium. Or...

But who cares about the stadium? The team is looking ahead at those lucrative naming rights. It won't live on as "Minnesota Twins

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Hammer said...

We had a debaucle like that about 15 years ago, it cost nearly a billion of our tax dollars, it never worked, we had to park in people's yards becuase it only had 1200 parking places and no buses.

The place sits empty now becuase our basketball team hated it.