Thursday, April 26, 2007

A long-running debate... about a chair

Some things never die. From time to time, I bring up to my wife that our living room chair with the oversized arms that was a part of the living room set desperately needs to be replaced with a recliner. (I have spent many hours of my pre-married life sleeping in that comfortable vintage recliner but the new non-reclining package doesn't afford me the option of sleeping unless I choose to sleep sitting upright) She usually responds with some variant of money not growing on trees and I reply that I already have a recliner. She normally responds with something along the lines of "that orange piece of crap isn't coming into our house".

I feel that this vintage piece of furniture which has sequestered to my parent's basement is more than worthy of being displayed, prominently, in the corner of the living room in our turn-of-the-century home.

My argument is that being that is from the early 1970s, it is built to better standards than the crap that the local Wickes Furniture store peddles. I've even offered to have it reupholstered but the wife will have no part of it.

My question is this: has anyone had a similar dilemma? How did they sway the opinion of the person of differing opinion? Will my orange recliner, in one form or another, see the light of day ever again?


Alicia said...

I say it's your right to have your chair...
But on the other hand, maybe Missus Sornie doesn't WANT you sleeping in the livingroom.

Sornie said...

In my defense, she feels entirely able to sack out on the couch for a nap after work on occasion leaving me nowhere to lounge and/or snooze. I am just trying to defend my constitutional right to nap.

mist1 said...

Create a Man Room. This may be the garage. You may have anything you like in the man room. You may have to sleep in the man room if you piss the missus off.

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