Thursday, April 05, 2007

Let's not forget about the pandas

Last week, I seemed to be on a roll with news from the world of Pandas. Don't think I have forgotten about the plight of the poor Panda that wouldn't get his freak on with a female of the same species.

Last time we checked in with out large but cuddly Mr. Panda he was watching some freaky-deaky Panda-porn on what I can only assume was a large Fung-Hu plasma TV mounted on the stone walls of his slice of heaven in a Chinese sanctuary. Let's just say that the Panda porn did not get our buddy Chuang Chuang in the mood to make sweet Panda love to the missus. Maybe if she'd start exercising, Chuang Chuang would find her attractive and be all over that like a couple of teenagers on prom night.

So, for the beleagured animal keepers at this particular Chinese Panda sanctuary it was on to the much-dreaded "Plan B". It was time to bust out the Panda-sized turkey baster. Yes, it was artificial insemination for Chuang Chuang's would-be mate. Will it work? Will she soon be with Panda baby? I can't wait to find out and neither can the rest of the modern world. The plight of the Pandas continues and I'll be right her on Panda watch until she pops out a kid that will eventually decide the he, too, doesn't want to get his freak on with some hard-body young Panda.


mist1 said...

Did you see the one where the two hot slutty pandas are home all alone and then 34 panda dudes come over to deliver a pizza? It's really, really hot.

Sornie said...

Ironically enough, the rental place was totally out of that one.