Tuesday, April 17, 2007

The latest shooting and what took so long

As everyone knows, there was yet another school shooting yesterday. It happened at Virginia Tech in small Blacksburg, Virginia and was the deadliest in the recent history of school shootings with a death toll above 30 people including the gunman who shot himself in the end.

After looking at the timeline of the events of Monday morning, I have to ask why the response was so slow. I know this wasn't like previous school shooting scenarios because this happened at a college and began in a student dorm which is far less public than an actual school building but dorms are still on college grounds. Why the slow response?

First off, a 45 minute lapse between the first reports of gunfire and the drom being locked down. From there, the gunman escaped and continued his terror-filled onslaught... 75 minutes later in another campus building. What the hell happened? He had time for a leisurely breakfast and nothing was done to find the silent student wielding a gun outside of a lockdown of the dorm after he left? This entire incident is a series of dropped balls.

Then came the e-mail warnings. Two of them in the 9 o'clock hour but again long after the gunfire at the second building.

It took three hours from the time of the first gunshots in the dormitory until school officials officially canceled classes and instructed students to remain where they were and lock their doors. In my opinion this was about two hours too late.

By Noon the school issued a partial evacuation order. This is nearly five hours after the violence started and over an hour after the final e-mail warning stating that there were "multiple victims".

If this were any other city with, say, government-type buildings, it would have been treated as a total crisis and the entire city would have been locked down, the Army would have been involved and every police force within an hour's drive would have been knocking on doors with S.W.A.T. teams swinging through the windows of those who didn't answer their doors.

For a nation who gets worked up over a guerilla marketing campaign for a cartoon involving Lite Brite toys, we sure know how to underreact to an actual crisis. I guess Lite Brites pose a real threat to our national security but a crazed gunman on a college campus isn't anything to get worked up about.

Good job to our nation's leaders who have, in the past six years, taught us to be suspicious of anyone with a middle-eastern-sounding accent, someone of a different religion or those of differing sexual orientation but the gun-wielding psychos of the country are nothing to even bat an eye over. In fact, don't mess with them, they are the base and the biggest contributors to political campaigns. They keep a certain political party in power.

What an excellent lesson for future generations. Fear anything different but guns are fun. Even when someone snaps and kills 30-plus college students.


betmo said...

just remember that 'guns don't kill people. people kill people.' bravo!

sAssY brOwn said...

Well said