Monday, April 02, 2007

I'm all cosmopolitan now

In an effort to make not only myself but my wife more cultural and wordly, we are off to see the Minnesota Twins play in the home opener tonight. The game has been moved up to accommodate a broadcast on ESPN2 so look for my mug on national TV or locally on WFTC29. Or not, do the cameras ever zoom out to the appropriately named "cheap seats"?

Regardless of my chance at a precious few seconds of camera time, I'm going to indulge in a couple brats because the dome dogs are Hormel products and I know what goes on inside that cavernous Austin, Minnesota manufacturing plant and I'll choose instead to pretend that bratwursts are better and somehow exempt from the lips and assholes content of the standard hot dog.

As far as a game at Minneapolis' Metrodome, I am unimpressed at the institutional styling of the concrete structure and generic and cramped blue hardback seats; not to mention the stainless steel trough-style urinals in the men's rooms and the plethora or mold growing in each and every crease, nook and cranny due to the hosing down of the stadium and lack of fresh air since 1982. Hooray for an upper respiratory infection which should be raging in my chest by Thursday afternoon!

Oh well, the tickets were free and I'll enjoy the game just like the rest of the 40,000 fans in the sellout crowd against the Baltimore Orioles. Maybe I'll even pick up some of those novelty Joe Mauer sideburns -- oh wait, I already have REAL sideburns. Scratch that idea.


mist1 said...

The first time I saw a baseball game not in the Metrodome, I was surprised at how much I like it.

Jay said...

That's culture? More like crazy!

Sornie said...

It was rather crazy. An endless parade of people becoming increasingly drunk 50+ rows up and about 20 rows away from the roof on that dump of a stadium. But, hey, the Twins won and that is always a good thing.

C-dell said...

A lot of people really like baseball. I am not knocking it, I just didn't realize that till this year. I may have to give it a try. See ehat all the hype is about.