Friday, April 13, 2007

I'll do my best to keep thing short as I am rather ill for some reason. I'll blame... George Bush and the sky-high cost of natural gas which has allowed me become chilled which allowed this bugger of a cold to infiltrate my normally strong viral defense system.

Okay, back to the topic at hand -- music.

I've always wondered what makes up people's music preferences. Is it something that they are born with? Maybe. What makes youngsters into prodigies of "classical" music? "Normal" youngsters are bopping their heads to the slop that is peddled on Nickelodeon or Disney Channel so what causes those differences?

I am convinced that the area of a child's brain that is sensitive to sound and obviously music develops far before most other senses. Hey, for at least part of the nine months they are sloshing around in ma's belly, they have to hear something. These lil' fetuses aren't exactly taking in the sights but with only some skin between their ears and the rest of the world, they must hear something.

That's why some parents-to-be read to the mom's belly. Out in the watchful eye of the general public it may seem odd to say the least but those sounds and words, as well as music, must have at least some influence when it comes to developing what they will eventually like and dislike in terms of music.

Now I know that the influences of friends and, hell, pop culture in general have likely much more influence in the long run than some muffled sounds they heard before they were born so now it's a combination of those things.

I often wonder why I like the music I like and why I like it so adamantly to the point that I have argued with friends and even my wife. I've always been outside of the mainstream. I'm not exactly sure when that started in smallish doses but in my early high school years I can definitively point to some outside influences in terms of friends which had to at least steer me to where I am now.

Alright, so far it's a combination of pre-birth sounds, pop culture influences and friends and acquaintances who mold our musical tastes.

At this point in my life, I don't think that I am going to be making any changes in my musical tastes. Even if the music which makes my ears perk up today were to totally fade from a sliver of the mainstream into obscurity, I'd just go that extra mile to seek out what I like.

So, with all that being said, what are your musical influences and musical tastes? How were your tastes molded? Is there one moment that stands out when you heard something that sent shivers down your spine? Drop a line here and tell me about it.


In an effort to broaden my horizons one night a week or so back, I was checking out a page on where unsigned artists have their music available for download. For some reason, I was and still am on a new wave kick. I can't explain it, I was still crapping my pants when new wave was a popular genre of music in the post-disco era.

Here it is for you to enjoy.

The Epoxies - Radiation

I don't know if it would be classified as "new wave" by hard core music aficionados but it's got synthesizers and is upbeat.


Spring is finally rumored to be showing its face for good around these parts. It stopped snowing early Thursday morning and my big birthday is just over a week away. I think we'll head out and do some shopping for a smoker this weekend which will aid in my never-ending quest for BBQ.


Diesel said...

I think a lot of it is some weird confluence of cultural factors, kind of like what makes people choose baby names. Like I remember thinking 20 years ago that some day I was going to have a kid and name it Hailey or Madison, because I thought they were cool, unusual names. Now everybody my age has a kid named Hailey or Madison. Same thing with music -- people who grow up in the same culture end up liking the same kinds of music, because certain combinations of sounds evoke certain feelings in them.

betmo said...

hmmm.... i guess i was exposed to different types of music and i certainly appreciate most. i like classical and jazz- and 80's pop mostly. old country- not this crap that they have put out for the last 20 years- and i don't dig hip hop or rap- mainly because of the lyrics. i am a sucker for sappy ballads- so when josh groban sings 'you raise me up' it makes me tear up. i also tend to listen to the actual music- especially complex jazz and classical to see if i can pick out instrument lines. i think looking at music from the notes on the page and playing an instrument or singing- gives a real appreciation for what it is you are listening to and why. there is art and then there is the fun stuff. most folks nowadays don't know shit about the art. can i say that or will the fcc come and fine me? :)

Beth said...

I don't even know if I have a certain type of music that I listen to. I know that my kids have alot of influence because whatever they are listening to is blasting through the house and I get used to it and like it....I also love 80's music..I know, I know...but I love it! Old Madonna, Michael Jackson, old school hip hop, old motown...the only thing I don't listen to is country. don't like it.

Sornie said...

I know that even though I was young to say the least in the 80s, I have at least an appreciation for the roots of what today's music is. There is a lot of roots-type hip-hop and rap from back then and of course new wave which has evolved into something today which is totally listenable and is like candy for my ears. I am also loving some of Johnny Cash's stuff. There is a ton of great Cash to be found and being that my parents seemed to be more along the lines of Alabama and other 70s country acts, I think that's what eventually steered me totally clear of most country.