Wednesday, April 04, 2007

Folks get punk'd by Keith Richards

I heard the first tease about it yesterday as I pulled into my driveway. Keith Richards had mixed his deceased father's ashes with some cocaine and in true Rolling Stones fashion snorted the mixture off a hooker's breast while three fire breathing midgets sacrificed a virgin goat off in the corner.

Okay, so maybe that's not how it actually went down but I think differently than most.

Richards gets plenty of questions and most know that he has snorted, smoked, drank and injected everything from absinthe to zebra blood so that made his statement to NME magazine rather believable. Of course, a statement that you have snorted the ashes of a deceased parent will grab some attention and that's just what happened to the geriatric Richards.

The whole world is buzzing over the supposed fact that Keith Richards candied up his nose with the ashy bits of dear old dad. Of course even Keith Richards wouldn't actually do that. Gullible suckers of the world, you got Juiced!

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