Monday, April 23, 2007

Editor uses racial slurs to write catchy headline about outsourcing

There are, apparently, no jobs that are safe from the rush to outsource everything in America to India. The Minneapolis Star-Tribune has even jumped on the bandwagon by outsourcing its advertising design department's jobs to India after offering, as an only way to save their jobs, that the current employees take a pay cut of over $20,000/year each to stay on as employees. Of course the outcome of that proposal is obvious.

Oh, look, the local free alt-weekly newspaper covered it but not before scrubbing out some of the editor's more choice racial slurs about the location of the outsourced jobs. Compare for yourself with the unscrubbed version of the story.

But back to the topic at hand. It isn't the first large newspaper to outsource its advertising design department to India. Media News Group did it last year with the Contra Costa California group and the same department of employees are putting up some public resistance to the very same movement at the Boston Globe in Boston, Massachusetts.

The reason this hits home for me is that I, as you may know, am a graphic designer. We, being located in rather close proximity to each and every inter-connected department, are able to communicate effectively with salespersons, customers, other departments and managers in person which, believe it or not, still means something in the e-mail world of today. This most recent and most startling development in outsourcing will do nothing more than to accelerate the downfall of America's print media. Hometown customers deserve to work with people who know the market, live there and actually have a stake in the image of the businesses they do creative work for.

With that being said, all of my work is done for Minnesota businesses -- yes even the work done outside of my day job. It is easier that way to meet with clients and discuss their needs and share ideas. Something that isn't easy with an Indian design mill half a continent away and twelve hours ahead us on their clocks.

So suck it India, it will be a cold day in hell when someone halfway around the globe can serve customers which I actually frequent better than I can. Plus I kick ass at last minute changes. Try that with a twelve hour time difference.


Jay said...

You need to read The World is Flat, by Thomas Friedman.

Alicia said...

Suck it, India!
So, my computer was broken a few months ago, right?
I call HP, which outsources techs to India... I told Hasan that my computer was broken.
45 minutes later we finally came to the conclusion THAT MY COMPUTER WAS BROKEN, and I had to have him repeat every sentence 3 times so I could understand him.
What should've been a 10 minute phone call turned into an hour... so unless these folks in India charge 6x LESS than us good folks in the USA, we're not making a smart economical investment by outsourcing to India. PLUS, we're giving away perfectly good jobs.

Alicia said...

Oh, yeah...