Thursday, April 05, 2007

Down with cable companies

Below is my letter to my ass-hat cable company, Mediacom. Yea, it seems petty but they have a monopoly and need to be bitchslapped from time to time. (I only stuck the time back a few hours so as not to get in the way of my bloody sewer story which, ironically enough, describes Mediacom Cable)

I am writing today to voice my disgust with the recent rate hike on my cable bill. While a small amount under ten dollars may not seem like alot to some, this latest rate hike does nothing in the way of improved service for me. I have not received additional channels or HDTV content to replace the standard definition content being broadcast on the local channels. A call to customer service this evening did nothing to lower my bill outside of canceling a portion of my package which still left the total above $100/month for expanded basic cable and online service. I urge you to take action upon actually reading this and lower my bill. You offer $19.95/mo. online access but not to someone who has been a customer for four years. Make a change or lose me as a customer.

I await your response in the supposed 24 hour timeframe.

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