Friday, April 27, 2007

Don't worry about the absence of "Tuned In" last week, when this guy takes a Friday off, everything else does as well.

Alright, music. It has been a mediocre first third of the year at best in the world of music. Suit-wearing record company executives will flap their jaws in disbelief over the fact that CD sales are down again for about six years running. They blame piracy and subsequently turn loose the band of lawyers known as the RIAA whom supposedly protect the rights or artists but do nothing more than file lawsuits against those individuals they find to be sharing music online available for download and only serve to further alienate those folks who are actually some of the largest consumers of music record labels have. They are good at shooting themselves in the foot and haven't yet figured out how to use the online marketplace to monetize their investments in singers, bands and groups.

To be honest, numerous businesses haven't figured out how to make money online but the record companies seem to be lagging further behind the flock than most. That is why this year's crop of music so far has been littered with virtually no new talent in the mainstream. Sure, rock music has made a comeback, especially the alternative side, which has helped to make skinny jeans popular once again but the mainstream side of tunes has done little, if anything, to produce any bonafide talent. So far, mainstream's biggest successes this year have come from a former mousekateer, a former meth addict who does little more than spell in all her tunes and a former folksy singer/songwriter whose record company paid for the best hip-hop producer money can buy and is now making asses shake rather than alt-kiddies bounce.

The most encouraging thing, I suppose, for mainstream pop music is that country could be its saving grace. As music trends go in cycles, the crossover popularity of a certain former American Idol country gal is making pop-ified country music acceptable again. Will the popularity of Carrie Underwood bring country music to the mainstream the way Shania and Faith did in my high school years? I doubt it because after a deade of people being brainwashed by mindless hip-hop tunes, lyrically based music seems to be barely clinging to life.


Holy hell, with summer basically here I am as giddy as a sophomore girl being asked to prom by the captain of the football team and as the temperature heats up my mind wanders. Sure, there are all those women who unwrap layer upon layer of insulated clothing and taunt men across the state with their, um, good looks. And to go along with the scantily clad women of the northland, I tend to add some new music that is upbeat and about mature enough to appease a 14 year-old girl as she snaps and pops a wad of bubble gum.

This week's tune of the week comes from The Current as I first heard it about two weeks ago.

Crank it up and enjoy the infectious bubble gummy pop tune from The Pipettes.

The Pipettes - Pull Shapes


Let me know which tunes you feel have sucked the little remaining life out of the music world. And you can't say "Fergie" because the entire world agrees that she is as viable in the long term as "Hanson".

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