Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Buy crap, help a charity

The auction which I mentioned Monday was pulled by eBay as the seller did not provide proof that the proceeds would actually be going to charity. All this after it had reached $2,325!

The good news, you can still buy the new-age Buddhist creative-writer wannabe's shit. Start your bidding now as it's already above $500. The best find... a bunch of 8-track tapes!


Hill said...

This is funny. After YEARS of dragging boxes & boxes of 8-tracks from one house to another, I finally literally threw them in the trash. And to think, I could have made a few pennies on eBay!

Dorky Dad said...

Why didn't I just think of just putting all my unwanted crap on eBay in one auction to get rid of it?

Hill said...

BTW, I finally got around to linking you. I get the willies when I got into the template, so I don't do it often.