Monday, April 09, 2007

Being weird grabs attention

Sure, selling stuff on eBay isn't exactly weird. I've even tried with no success but a St. Paul woman who is a habitual mover is unloading practically all of her possessions on the online auction site.

She says she's embracing her new Buddhist ways and planning on changing careers again, this time to become a creative writer and rather than be tied to her "stuff" she is unloading it in one lot on eBay.

Hey, kudos to her for severing ties to so much in the way of material possessions but as with all other stories of this ilk, there's another unseen side to it.

Currently, the high bid is under $200 and she has stated that she set the reserve price at nearly $2,000. By my rough calculations, that is a mere 10% of the asking price. If that was all that the bulk of my material possessions would fetch I'd tell Buddha to piss off 'cuz I'm keeping my shit.

If she has placed a value of $2,000 on her admittedly miscellaneous sounding collection of miscellaneous, chances are that she spent far more than $2,000 amassing the very same items which she wants to get rid of. Even if the initial outlay was twice her asking price -- $4,000 -- that brings the current bid to a miniscule 5% of the original purchase price.

Hey, I am still impressed that in today's material-driven world that someone is willing to part with so much "stuff" but the world still turns on the value of the almighty dollar but a 95% loss on your investment just doesn't cut it. I'd rather burn my "stuff" than lose that much cash in the process by selling it.


Hey, I didn't include the link but apparently media attention works. At noon the Star-Tribune said that bids were up to $1,375 and when I grabbed this link for her auction the bidding was up to $2,025.

Watch the auction 'til April 12 and buy some crap -- but it ain't crap if women's size 9-10 shoes are your bag...


Brendan said...

Dude --

This is teh Intarwebs. Where's the link?

(Maybe we'd all like to look at her stuff, and, you know, chortle.)

Brendan said...

8-track tapes?!?! That's it, man, I'm bidding!

You definitely deserve a cut, having caused the bidding to go through the roof.

I dunno, though. She's selling her computer, desk, bookcases, and coffee maker? Doesn't sound like a way to get the writing career rolling. And is that her bed?

Starting to sound like a cry for help.

Blitz Krieg said...

My Mom recently moved out of her life-long home. Most of the big stuff we couldn't sell and ended up throwing it in a dumpster. Not so for her Pez dispenser collection. Thirty seven of those babies went for a grand total of $2300. One football player dispenser went for over $300.

Go figure.

Beth said...

If I was "going Buddhist" I'd sure as hell be asking for more than $2000.00 for all my material possessions.
Especially if my next move was a career in creative writing. Not too much money to be had in that field.
Best of luck to her.