Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Baldwin just trying to be a dad

When things happen on one of my few but very cherished days off, I don't really notice. Friday, as I spent the day outdoors and detached from the constant barrage of the information age, information was circling about a phone message which actor Alec Baldwin had left on his 11/12/14 year old daughter's cell phone.

I am reluctantly bringing this up because, while it was said in private and I believe maliciously released by his ex-wife Kim Basinger, it has some potential to become the next witchhunt along the lines of Don Imus. In this supposedly mucky and morally corrupt world we live in, those "holier than thou" types are always looking for someone to make an example of. Hopefully that doesn't happen with Baldwin.

While he, in my view, overstepped the lines of what should be said to a tween, he was only expressing his frustration with not being able to count on one simple phone call with his daughter whom he loves but has encountered the very same missed phone call more than a few times before. And judging by the behavior of children of that particular age -- especially the children of Hollywood types -- the verbal berating he gave to his daughter may not have been out of line at all.

To sum it up, he lives across the country from the person he cares most about in the world and cannot even count on the scheduled phone call which was legally awarded to him. If I were in his shoes, I'd be equally angered. Hopefully both sides learn something from this and Alec Baldwin can get back to being the funny Baldwin.

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Butrfly4404 said...

I'm so glad to see your perspective on this.

I completely agree. While it may not have been the nicest thing to say, in the end, it's really nobody's business but theirs. I think Basinger released it just to burn him, too.

Any parent who says they've never lost it and never said things they regretted is a liar.