Monday, April 16, 2007

Another Minnesota Viking arrested, blames his pants

How dumb are the Minnesota Vikings players? Pretty dumb. In fact, one was dumb enough to throw down with security guards at Minneapolis' Spin Nightclub late Saturday night after a security guard ordered cornerback Cedric Griffin to pull up his saggy thug pants because they were against the club's dress code.

Of course Griffin, being such a high and mighty C-list athlete objected and ended up in a scuffle with the guard who maced him, effectively bringing this douchebag back to his appropriate place in society. Griffin, though, wasn't done.

When police arrived, he apparently caused some additional form of disturbance and was eventually carted off to the Hennepin County Jail and held until nearly 5 AM with bail set at a whopping $50.

Griffin is the sixth Viking arrested in the past twelve months. This latest arrest gives the Vikings a lead for the most thuggish team in pro sports with the NBA Portland Trailblazers trailing closely in second place.

This is just another reason why the Minnesota Vikings, the NFL in general and to a greater extent, the NBA, get zero respect from me. And these piss-ant Minnesota Vikings feel like they are worthy of a taxpayer-funded half-billion dollar stadium. I don't think so.


mist1 said...

To be fair, I think it's safe to say that most professional football players aren't known for their brains. I'm not either, so I don't judge them.

However, I do not sag my pants.

Sornie said...

Yes. Most people I know and even just see on a daily basis wear a belt or know their waist size. A multi-millionaire athlete should be able to afford a pair of FUBU jeans that fit.