Wednesday, April 18, 2007

An all-new word of the day

Sometimes, creative minds come up with some rather odd things. Take, for instance a newly-created word formed by two pre-existing words being squeezed, molded, wadded and squished together.


As I sat in bed last night I even cooked up a definition for this new word of the wife's creation which I feared I would forget over night.

a sexually transmitted disease transferable from polar bears to humans whose only known symptom is a frigid feeling in the genital area.

i.e.: That slutty polar bear gave me coldmydia and now my swimsuit parts are freezing and covered with cold bumps.


SlimAdam said...

i've come back to blogger mutha trucka!

mist1 said...

I like that one.

My favorite is still Reintarnation.

Dying, and coming back as a hillbilly.

Dorky Dad said...

Coldmydia. Gosh ... I hope I don't have that. Now I'm worried.

Sornie said...

As the polar bears move to new lands with the ice caps melting, anything is possible. I even saw one a few years ago standing proudly in North St. Paul.

choochoo said...

I once came up with an illness: flagrot. It's a mix of impotence and lepracy, and after I finish grad school I hope to manufacture it and hold the world hostage. Buahaha.

Sick? Me? Neeeh