Thursday, March 15, 2007

The wearing of the green

I can't believe that it's already St. Patrick's Day this weekend. It actually falls on Saturday which will just add that much to the insanity that is that particular holiday.

Normally, we celebrate the holiday with a few friends at an area celebration that nearly shuts down the downtown area. From a parade in the early afternoon to the Metro Pipe Band marching through the bars later in the day, the crowd swells by the dinner hour and the party continues in the packed bars late into the evening. This is another of our traditions and I can justify because of my Irish heritage. I won't drink green beer but I'll be decked out in green and loving the bagpipe music.

In honor of the holiday celebrating everything Irish, here's special bonus tune to get you in the mood for the Saturday filled with friends, fun, beer and corned beef & cabbage! Celebrate safely because this holiday is also a deadly one on the roads. Designate a driver and have fun!

Dropkick Murphys - Kiss Me I'm Shitfaced


Hammer said...

I'm Irish and Mexican so I am obligated to drink enough to honor both sets of drunken ancestors ;)

buffalodickdy said...

Everybody's Irish for the weekend!
I always do a corned beef-but we make it into Reubens! We're not Irish or Jewish, we just like Reubens!

Beth said...

Enjoy St. Paddy's Day!

(Did you get your good weather back? We only borrowed it for awhile...)

Dorky Dad said...

I'm wearing green and eating corned beef and cabbage myself come Saturday. But I'll probably fall asleep in front of the TV.

Sornie said...

Our weather here is still cold. SHould be about 40 degrees Saturday but I'll be damned if I'm gonna eat corned beef & cabbage. A friend's family put on a pretty cool spread to augment the lulls in the celebration so we have everything covered.

buffalodickdy said...

Always have an Irish joke to tell! In light of my last comment to this post- Out in the backroads of Ireland, the only Rabbi w/in 100sq miles, driving a car comes to an intersection and collides with the priest of the Parish. The priest gets out and asks "Are you hurt?" "No, the rabbi replies, just a little shaken." The padre produces a flask of fine Irish whiskey and says "You'd better have a sip, it'll settle your nerves." Rabbi takes a drink, then has another. Says to the priest, "What are we going to tell the police?" The priest says "We?" You're the one that's been drinkin!"