Thursday, March 22, 2007

Veering away from traditional music this week, I have been busy catching up on a few podcasts which I subscribe to and have been digging around and sampling a few others.

More and more, it seeems, big media companies are finally catching a ride on the wave that is "audio on demand". Here in the Twin Cities, the area Clear Channel radio stations offer up some select "bits" from their morning or talk shows. Minnesota Public Radio's "The Current" has their podcasted version of the broadcast show "Musicheads" which I covered a few installments back. Nationally, too, is no exception to this rule.

Big media companies offer up literally tons of podcasted content. From "The Onion", the satirical 'newspaper' and their quick 45 second "news" briefs to ABC, CBS and NBC podcasting their entire newscasts, it's all the rage in this era where DVR and Tivo is the rule, not the exception.

Personally, I prefer the oddball, amateurish stuff. I've tried out Suicide Girls Radio from Indie 103.1 in L.A. but found it tedious to listen to. I subscribed to Wisconsin podcasters "The Dawn & Drew Show" but canceled my subscription once they went to podcasting not as a hobby but an actual paid job. It was too much to stomach with one show per day -- they started to feel almost forced, it just wasn't funny anymore.

I now have "Air Out My Shorts" from a Canadian duo with aliases of Preston Buttons and The Word Whore who drink heavily while recording and read back and act out listener-submitted short stories. They record very sporadically and I can listen to a month's worth of "shows" in a couple hours.

"Soccer Girl Incorporated" is the other that I've had on my iPod for some time. The busty New Yorker incorporates her own musical stylings into the humorous show which, from time to time, veers into hard-hitting actual news topics. It also features her brother who is a student at the University of Minnesota and her boyfriend Ryan P. She also does a fair amount of video content which I am forced to watch at home because I don't have a video iPod and I actually work at my job instead of watching videos.

I have also veered into the corporate podcasting world with my new subscription to public radio station KCRW's "Le Show" done by "The Simpsons" voice actor Harry Shearer. From time to time it feels too much like a newsy public radio show but he interjects humor and sketches to lighten the sometimes heavy mood. I am still up in the air as to whether or not I'll keep this weekly podcast but I'm sorta boning up on various formats for some "other ventures" our collective at the office is exploring. I write it off as not just entertainment but research.


I am going to lop off the locally speaking portion this week because I got a tad long-winded about podcasts and probably put all seven of my readers to sleep, plus I mentioned the local podcasts that Clear Channel stations do. Sorry guys!


Sometimes, a new tune takes some time to grow on me. I absolutely loathed this one the first time I heard it. Now I hear it on the local airwaves three or four times in the course of a longish day. For me, it was an acquired taste. Maybe it will be for others but the opening 30 seconds ramping up to the meat of the tune do the trick for me. I just love hearing the build-up to the first verse. As for a back-story about the band, it can all be found here. As for the actual tune, download it one... line... down...

Kaiser Chiefs - Ruby


Enjoy the tune and find yourself a podcast or two to take for a test drive. They're free after all. I probably won't take any out for a spin this weekend but we're probably going to be lugging home a few hundred square feet of tile in preparation for that bathroom remodel and I think I may have a lead on an "affordable" whirlpool tub for the grandiose bathroom, too. I'm not holding my breath for the latter but a lead is a lead!


Dorky Dad said...

I should check out The Current's Musicheads show, I just haven't got around to doing so.

Sornie said...

I think it's worth a listen even if the music isn't the most likeable to people with normal pop music sensibilities. It's best because of the knowledgable hosts running the show on The Current, they forget more every day than I will learn in my entire life.

Diesel said...

I find almost all talk radio intolerable these days. All I can stand to listen to is music.

Sornie, come play in my caption contest!

NoMas said...

Sornie: Thanks for stopping by my place. I find that if I initially like a song, stations play it to death until I really do not want to hear it anymore. Like you, some songs take awhile to grow on me.

Brendan said...

I think Le Show rules. Harry has an occasional off week, I'll admit, but by and large, his show either does more to fill me with outrage or to keep me sane than just about anything else. Stewart, Colbert, and Wait Wait Don't Tell Me are about the only others that come close.

One thing: I tried the podcast, but it seems to omit the music. I understand that you want stuff for your iPod, but the songs that Harry spins are almost always great. Try his his site or for the full shows. (The latter, while an annoying site otherwise, tends to post the shows faster.)

I think you'll have to put up with streaming, as opposed to being able to download (probably all part of that DRM nonsense that edits the podcasts), but I find the music worth the pain of staying in one place.