Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Should they stay or should they go?

I am sick of this crap. An administration that has never had a plan for anything they have done with this so-called war on terror which has actually PROMOTED terrorism is now pissed off at democrats because the bill to pull troops out of Iraq and Afghanistan set a deadline of approximately one year from now. Of course with this latest action, Bush says that a troop withdrawl and its actions will be the responsibility of the democrats who supported it. He sure knows how to divide all that unity that was swelling in the wake of the 9/11 attacks.

I don't agree with pulling the troops out of Afghanistan because that is the actual haven for the terrorists that hit us over five years ago but with the clusterfuck that led to our invasion of Iraq, Afghanistan was essentially abandoned and any hope of acomplishing anything there was likely lost long ago. Of course, this doens't mean that due to our inattentiveness of the situation in Afghanistan that we won't eventually be back there. Any country we become involved in, our troops never actually leave. Our military has permanent bases in South Korea, Japan, Germany, Iraq and other places scattered around the globe in the name of protection and staging grounds in the future.

Will one year be long enough? I don't think everything in Iraq will be peachy-keen in one year but I don't think that five years is going to solve the violence and settle the sectarian differences there either. Should we stay for an indefinite amount of time? Maybe we should and we probably will (in smaller numbers as a peace-keeping force) but having forces numbering nearly 150,000 wasn't enough to effectively fight sectarian insurgents which were better handled by a rather brutal dictator.

Violence has plagued the middle-east for as long as I have been alive and thinking that a handful of soldiers will stop it in one country and democracy will then magically spread throughout the middle-east is ludicrous. I feel that given what our troops entered Iraq with, they have done a spectacular job but it came at a price -- the original mission in Afghanistan was forgotten and abandoned. It was too much to do at one time but I know what the troops are up against and applaud them for their efforts and following through with the job they were assigned to carry out.

If the bill passes setting a withdrawl date, the violence may or may not increase but America will not look weak for leaving. Remember that there is still a troop surge coming and alot can be accomplished in a year. While the U.S. certainly won't squash every last remnant of violence, they can prepare a solid Iraqi military and train a new police force which will hopefully give Iraqis the peace they deserve. Of course we'll be back there in another ten years but that's a discussion for another day.

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